Teachers, School Managers or Other School Staff!

Erasmus+ Program provides a period of job shadowing under KA1. Job-shadowing activity is an opportunity for teachers, school managers and other school staff to observe best practices and to develop networks with foreign colleagues in the program countries.

Cengiz Proje has successfully organized the mobility activities for thousands of students and teachers both in EU countries and in Turkey for 12 years.

Depend on content of the project, we arrange job shadowing and observation period at public or private schools, in public institutions (like city hospitals, Ministry of Health) and businesses in the capital Ankara.

Please contact us for detailed information about our activities organized in the following fields:

  • School Education Staff (KA121-SCH and KA122-SCH)
  • Vocational Education and Training Staff (KA121-VET and KA122-VET)
  • Adult Education Staff (KA121-ADU and KA122-ADU)

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