ECOLOGICAL EDUCATION: Let’s Create Eco-Schools


In today’s society, the deserts are spreading, the soil fertility is declining, the ozone layer is thinner, the greenhouse gas emission is increasing, the forested spaces are reduced, the degree of pollution is higher, and living things are facing extinction. To overcome these problems, there is a need to increase ecological literacy and awareness about waste management.

Ecological education is a process to improve people’s knowledge, skills, motivations, values, and commitment to solve and prevent environmental problems, to manage earth’s resources efficiently, and to take responsibility for maintaining environmental quality.

Erasmus+ program supports the green transition of schools.

This course will cover the theory of ecological and environmental education, differences between environmental and ecological education, designing, planning, delivering, and assessing an ecological education activity, ecological education best practices in EU.

The participants will develop ecological education program, tools, knowledge on how to increase ecological literacy through formal and non-formal education and how to use digital tools in ecological education.

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